Twisted Wire Cuff-2

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This is a very clean design that works well in a stack.  It is about 1/8 inch in width and is designed for the average wrist of 6-7 inches.  My wrist is 7.25 inches and I wear one easily so it can work for both slightly smaller and larger wrists.

It is a tight twist of copper and square brass wire.  This wire was twisted in my studio and then cut to size.  The ends were braized to seal them and then smoothed for comfortable wearing.  It has a serpentine feel and wears lightly on the wrist.

I added a dark navy-ish patina so that the swirled design that was twisted into it is in sharp relief.  This piece is sealed with a protective coating to maintain the finish of the bracelet and to reduce the likelihood of any changes to your skin.  Please read the pages on How to Put On a Cuff and Protective Coatings to help you enjoy your cuff for many years.