Poodle Pendant
Poodle Pendant

Poodle Pendant

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These are super cute poodles!  Nice lines and clean design.

These pendants are hand enameled and the embellishments are fitted into the base or bezel by cutting, grinding, filing, and shaping.  After curing the liquid enamel base they are filled with a non yellowing jeweler's resin.  This results in a colorful and sturdy pendant or keyring.  The dog embellishments are pewter, alloy, or stainless steel pieces found and manipulated to size and shape.

They are both about 1 inch.

A cord, chain, or ring to attach to your keyfob is included in your purchase.  If you would like one of these included in your order you must order it separately from the Online Store.  Look for the listing for Cords.  There is no charge for it or for its shipping but it must be ordered and shipped at the time of purchase with your items.  I am sorry but I cannot ship cords, chains, or rings separately.  Please choose one only.