All About Your Piece of WingNuttery and How It Was Made

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Everything at WingNut is handcrafted.

We use all sorts of pieces in the mixed media--old pendants, new pendants, charms, buttons--plus all the things we fabricate from the ground up.

Fabricate:  to build or assemble from raw materials or supplies.  Fabricated jewelry is not assembled or simply hooked together.  It is designed and produced using the tools of the metalsmith and will often start with raw sheet metal or wire and may require the alteration of parts and found pieces to produce a new piece of art.  Fabricated jewelry requires tools and things like solder, torches, grinders, cutters, etc.

Your piece of jewelry may use something called a brass pressing in its design.  Brass pressings are decorative items that are actually pressed out of metal using a die (hard metal cutout of a pattern) and a hydraulic press.  Brass pressings have been used in decorative arts for a very long time and were still popular until the early part of the 20th century.  The vintage look and feel of them make designing with them a delight.

Many of the brass pressings used are vintage.  This means they were made in or before the 50's-70's.  Many others are reproduction vintage pressings and were made recently but by using the vintage dies that have been used historically.  Some of them are rare and hard to find.  The pressings are painstakingly altered and carefully, delicately soldered or riveted into the design of the piece.

Color is a vital part of most designs from WingNut.  It can be the color achieved by using the torch on the warm metals of copper, brass, or bronze or it can be an additive rubbed into textures to give a special patina or finish to a piece.  Many pieces are enameled.  Traditional enameling is a hot process where ground glass is heated with a kiln or torch to form colorful glass sheets on the surface of the metal.  Other pieces contain elements that cannot stand up to the heat of the torch and may burn or melt if traditionally enameled.  These pieces have a base or bezel that is filled with colored liquid enamels that are set with UV or infrared light.  Many colors of the enamel are often used to obtain some really spectacular color arrays.  They are sealed to protect the embellishments and enamel with a pouring of non yellowing jeweler's resin.

You will find a great variety of techniques used at WingNut: fused glass, enameling, traditional metalworking, and other wingnuttery that allows us to make all the things we make.

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Thank you and we hope you love your little piece of our Wingnuttery.